Dr. David Evans, DVM | Fees
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The purpose of this explanation is to make clear my NEW fee schedule.  Hopefully, addressing this early on will prevent any misunderstanding and make it easier for you to plan within these parameters.


Our practice is different from the usual veterinary services in that it is more time intensive.  Rather than emphasizing charges for medicines, vaccination and surgery–like most veterinary services–we charge for actual time spent on the case.  This seems to be the fairest method for both our clients and for us.


Our charges include:  Initial examination and assessments, phone consultations,emergencies & follow ups- either email, text or phone ; PLUS record reviews and case analysis time.  Case analysis is the time needed to develop the treatment plan and prescribe the medicine. With some cases this occurs only once but with complex cases – those of a more chronic nature- this will need to be done more frequently.


So, here is how our practice charges:


We start with an initial evaluation that can take anywhere from 15 min to one hour. We charge a minimum of $100 (for the first 20 min) and then $50/ ten minute intervals. We will discuss your expectations, what we feel is the best approach to treatment including nutritional and supplement recommendations. If Dr Evans has to do a case analysis or read records there would be an extra charge (see below).


Case analysis, follow up consultations, etc are billed at $30/ 10 min and normally take between 5-20 minutes with a corresponding charge of $3/min with a $15.00 minimum fee for phone consultations, $5 minimum for texts and emails.


We trust that you will understand that this is the fairest method we have been able to come up with.


We can ship required homeopathic medicines, but homeopathic remedies are often available at your local health food store. They are relatively inexpensive for example, the most common remedies, are $8.00-$18.25.  Shipping would be an average $10.90.  (Express post is the most efficient.) I charge cost plus 3.00 for handling.


Payment must be made by cash, Interac e transfers. If you have questions about our statement, do not hesitate to call Dr Evans @ 902-275-0050.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  We look forward to working with you and improving the health of your pet!


EMERGENCY or AFTER hours  FEES. Dr Evans tries to be available for after hours. The fees are 1.5X the regular fees.