Dr. David Evans, DVM | Homeopathy – A More Detailed Explanation
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Homeopathy – A More Detailed Explanation

Homeopathy is a medical science that uses proven remedies to help stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Forms of treatments used by regular Doctors are; Antiopathy-using drugs to neutralize the bodies  symptom ie pain killer to kill pain. Allopathy is the treatment using an unrelated substance to try to alter the bodies response to the disease.



In1790 Dr. Samuel Hahneman, a physician , chemist and linguist was translating a paper by a Scottish physician Dr. Cullen . In the paper Cullen theorized that the reason Cinchona bark (quinine) could treat Marsh fever (malaria) was that it was so bitter, Hahneman, as chemist, knew that there were more bitter substances available and they couldn’t treat malaria. He decided to try an experiment. He started  to take quinine to see what would happen. To his amazement he  developed the symptoms of malaria. When he stopped the medicine the symptoms soon went away. He put forward the theory that quinines symptoms somehow could overpower the patients symptoms and drive out the “sick vapors” This was at a time before anyone knew about germs. He started to develop the theory ” like cures like”.


The symptoms of disease are the bodies way of showing a response to problems. Striving to protect itself the body either sets up enough of a strong reaction (symptoms) to overcome the problems (cure itself) or it tries to hold the problem to the least vital area of the body. This results in on going symptoms ( the deeper or more internal the problem gets  the more difficulty the body has protecting itself) We say the body is no longer in balance (dis-eased).


Disease is the result of the  bodies inability to defend itself. A body in poor health allows external forces to disrupt and take hold of it. Think about the flu- the whole family is exposed to the same virus but only one or two may get sick. Why? The body, unable to bring about a powerful enough response to the virus, shows symptoms that may last for weeks in one person and only a few hours or minutes in the healthy person. The difference is based on the level of health. If symptoms are the way the body is trying to protect or defend itself then suppressing the symptom will retard true healing. Why not then find a medicine that will match the bodies special response to dis-ease. This artificial response caused by giving a remedy would be stronger than the bodies weak response and  in turn would complete the task of healing. The analogy used by Dr. Chris Day is Judo. Apply force in the same direction as your opponent and quickly he is defeated. If you try to just check his moves he will shift his strategy and attack in a different direction. Hahnemans personal experience with Quinine taught him that Quinine worked because it matched the bodies response to Malaria. For the next 20 years he was to test many other substances, now called remedies,  these tests were  called  provings.


In Hahnemans time the physicians used very toxic substances such as arsenic and mercury to treat their patients. Hahneman was appalled at the effects of these treatments-he felt it was the duty of the physician to do no harm. After his experience with quinine he started testing other substances on himself. For the next 20 years he tested 67 remedies.  Later he enrolled the help of his family and friends and medical students. He first diluted the remedy with alcohol and water.  This removed the toxic effects but then with each dilution he would shake the mixture (succuss). He discovered that  this succusion would increase the bodies healing response.  He would then start tracking the remedy carefully noting all the symptoms it produced both mental and physical. These provings, as they were called, were written down in books called Materia Medicas.



Each remedy is now carefully proven on the healthy person. If it was going to work all you had to do was to match the symptoms of the diseased patient with the remedy that has the similar picture. The closer the match the better the response. There were  many successes but the real breakthrough came when in the year of 1812/13 during the winter,  Napoleon’s armies were retreating from the  Leipzig where Hahneman lived. Typhus was present in the population and treating 180 cases with Homeopathy only 2 died. This was before any understanding of microbes and antibiotics. A more amazing example occurred in 1831 during a cholera epidemic. A homeopathic doctor treated 154 cases and lost only 6 while the regular doctors treated 1500 cases and lost 826. With these results Homeopathy started to flourish.


First, Do No Harm. Restore health rapidly, gently,  permanently  using carefully proven remedies.

Second, Remove and destroy the whole disease in the shortest, surest, least harmful way.

Third. Remove obstacles to cure such as bad eating habits, and unhealthy environment.



If the homeopath is to find the right remedy it becomes vital that they get an accurate history of all the symptoms paying close attention to unusual or peculiar symptoms and symptoms that are not normally found with a particular disease. It is not enough to say my pet itches-what is more important would be to know that he itches more after he eats or after he has come in from the cold. These are peculiar to him. This history taking can take up to an hour for a first time patient. The more accurate the history the closer we can match the symptoms to the remedy. Sometimes there are no peculiars and so we will give a remedy that commonly helps this problem and then watch carefully the response.



The longer the disease the longer the healing, the more use of suppressive medications the longer the healing response will take, the poorer the diet the more difficulty the body will have in starting a healing response, the more toxic the environment the more difficult healing will be. Unfortunately if there is too much physical damage (pathology)  then  all we can do is maintain a level of health that will keep your pet comfortable.

It is very important that we get a regular report on your pets progress. This is how we assess the response to the remedy and the bodies progress to health.


There is no question that some medications interfere with homeopathic remedies. Medicines such as steroids, antibiotics, and vaccines will interrupt the healing progress so please call us before being tempted to give any medication. Emergencies occur, do what is life saving and then contact us.



A lot of concern is expressed about vaccinations. Remember leaving your pet unprotected from contagious diseases is not right. We will work with you to find the best way to protect your pet from Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Leukemia etc. Sometimes this involves testing titers (this is when we measure the antibodies to certain diseases). Homeopathic protection can also be used -this would involve using Nosodes or using a constitutional remedy.  It is important to work with a Veterinary Homeopath regarding vaccinations because above all we would not want to leave your friend unprotected or improperly protected.



An essential part of health is fresh food. We recommend fresh home prepared food be fed to help restore your pets immune system and increase their vitality. Easy to prepare recipes are available from  our office and on line.