Dr. David Evans, DVM | What I Do
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Dr. David G. Evans, DVM

Providing healthcare especially in the area of prevention of dis-ease has been very important to me and a personal experience with complimentary medicine persuaded me to study these non traditional  options. These options allow you and I select the best treatment and preventive healthcare plan for your pet. I am frequently asked to provide a second or third opinion by concerned clients. Many want to look at options that reduce or eliminate drugs, side effects of medications or vaccinations , change to a healthier diet so I work with them to come up with a plan to improve health.


Preservation of Health

In the area of prevention we will discuss food choices, vaccination options, neutering and timing of neutering. We will talk about where you live ( rural, urban , city) and assess the risk factors associated with your living arrangements. Our goal is to find the best way to prevent problems.


Early Disease Issues

If your arrive with a pet who is showing early signs of disease we can talk about adjusting diet, and a simple way to bring your pet back to full health.


Chronic Disease

For the pet suffering from chronic disease we can discuss the options that are open to us. For example by approaching the disease from a homeopathic perspective we can reduce and in some cases eliminate some of the medications that may have been causing side effects.


The more chronic the problem the longer it takes to restore health. We can bring some vitality back to the senior pet.



Some clients will set up an appointment just to discuss the options and from there we will start a well selected plan. ( hyperlink to Contact us?) Others have had experience with homeoapthy so they will select this option


See our pages What is Homeopathy? and “a more detailed explanation”  for more about how I approach dis-ease.


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